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HeartStart Essentials Solutions:

A successful early defibrillation program takes more than just defibrillators. It requires a complete, flexible solution customized for you – from planning and medical direction to training and maintenance. With Philips HeartStart Essentials, you can rest assured that your program will have the tools and support to give you the confidence and power to save a life.

Data Management Software

It’s easy to manage defibrillation data. The HeartStart Event Review software suite provides easy-to-use data management applications for electronically managing the case data recorded by your defibrillator. Whether you are interested in data collection, case review, response analysis, data trending, or performance evaluation for the entire emergency program, Event Review data management software helps you review and share information.

For more than a century, Philips has pioneered technology that makes life better. Offering a full range of defibrillators - from easy-to-use automated defibrillators used in the home and community to sophisticated multifunction monitor/defibrillators used by healthcare professionals - each tailored to the needs, training and skill of a particular type of user from home to hospital. Ajentis Medical Inc. and Philips will support these products and their owners with services, accessories and programs so that the best possible treatment for cardiac arrest is available, and more lives can be saved.

Our Services Include:

Pre-Implementation Consulting
Our team of implementation specialists will work with you to design an early defibrillation program that best meets your needs. We’ll provide you with an Implementation Toolkit to help you establish policies and procedures, and understand regulations and risk management. We can also provide valuable advice on program structure, guidelines and how to get started.

Site Assessments
Our experienced implementation team will work with you to determine the right number of defibrillators and the best locations for them within your organization.

Financial Assistance
Ajentis Medical can provide you with a range of flexible financing options, such as leases, rentals and deferred payment programs with attractive terms.

Medical Direction
Medical oversight is provided by a licensed physician who is an expert in emergency cardiac care. Beyond authorizing the purchase and use of defibrillators, a medical director can provide deployment and maintenance guidance, and to help develop an optimal response plan. We can also work with a physician of your choice if you prefer.

Web-Based Program Management - HeartStart SmartTrack

With HeartStart SmartTrack, you can manage and track important components of your program online. You can also set up convenient automatic e-mail reminders for pad and battery expiration, training re-certification and reports.
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Ajentis Medical has partnerships with training organizations to conveniently provide a customized training program to meet your requirements. Beyond basic CPR/Defibrillation training.

Philips offers a five-year warranty and limited product indemnity for users of HeartStart Defibrillators, keeping your operating costs to a minimum. A two year extended warranty is also available.

Ajentis Medical and Philips have the resources to ensure consistent, continued support long into the future. From supplies ordering to technical assistance, Ajentis Medical will help you grow your program to it’s full potential and support you when needed.

Our experience & expertise will help you meet your goals. Let us be your committed partner!

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